Here is the question that I get asked most often Why do I do what I do? I think this is almost more important than what I do.

Mediator, Coach, TV Show Host

Julie Gill – Mediator, Coach, TV Show Host

I went through a terrible divorce, I worked hard to develop a career in the financial world, I have been the primary caregiver to both my kids and my parents and I’m now happily in a blended family situation. I have a lot of life experience – some great, some just great learning experiences.

I realized that the same skills that made me successful in the business world could help solve problems in the personal world.  I’ve got extensive experience in negotiation, planning and relationship management in both a business/corporate environment and personal/family matters and I’m by nature an creative problem solver.

For me it made sense to tie my business skills together with my life experiences and do something that I’m really passionate about.  How many people can say that?

Why not take my results-oriented, strategic, impactful and collaborative style and use it to help people through some of life’s more challenging times? Divorce, Workplace Conflict, Work-Life Balance, Caregiver and Family challenges all have something in common – expectations are not being met.

I use my strengths to encourage communication, identify the context of the problem together with the needs and interests of the Parties, and help them to generate potential solutions – All in a balanced manner.

We all know that life is hard and we face challenges daily, whether at work or at home.  How well we deal with these challenges can often be the difference in how happy and successful we are.

In my professional and personal opinion these are 5 of the most essential skills I want to help you develop:


Whether it’s through mediation, coaching, workshops or speaking engagements I can  help you use these skills to your advantage in either a workplace or personal setting.

Sometimes you just need to have someone on the outside of the problem to help you balance the solution.