Families First MediationFamilies First Mediation & Arbitration provides Dispute Prevention and Dispute Resolution, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!

We know that every family is different, and that means every journey of dispute resolution is different as well.

Families First Mediation is unique because we offer different processes to sort through your family challenges. We’ve found that by offering not only coaching, mediation and arbitration but also a hybrid of mediation and arbitration, you can select the best process for you without having to go elsewhere.


SClogo250-BrianSeparationCoach.com is focused on coaching people through the divorce process in order to save you money. 

When you are separating there are many things to think about and emotions can often get in the way.

Having access to a coach can help you explore your settlement options, create a framework for your separation, effectively support your lawyer, ensure you are prepared if you are unrepresented or to review your financial situation with a focus on the future not your past state.


The term senior is used to refer to experienced adults age 55 and up! While I’m sure that the discount can be beneficial, I’m not sure lumping everyone together as a group is.

Aging is a long process, let’s face it we’ve been doing it since we were born! Aging is highly individualized and not something that can be generically supported.

As our country; and many others, find themselves talking about an aging population, I find that what we are leaving out is your voice.

Positively Platinum is about helping you have a voice, helping you have difficult conversations with your family and about helping you advocate for your needs.