We Need To Talk About…The Sandwich Generation

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On this week’s show we talk about The Sandwich Generation with my guests:

Brian McMurter from McMurter & Associates

Randy Filinski from CARP Ajax-Pickering

Are you stuck in the middle of caring for aging parents AND raising your kids? Then you are part of the sandwich generation. There are different definitions but being sandwiched by opposing demands is at the center of all of them.

You probably feel guilty that you can’t get everything done and be everywhere at once. Your frustrated because your partner is picking up the slack and your kids???Well you’re sure that they understand that your priority needs to be grandma or grandpa, they’ll be ok RIGHT?

Caregivers often feel alone, isolated and inadequate. Nobody should feel like that…especially when they are just trying to help.

Some people in the sandwich generation don’t even realize it…they’re just managing the family, it’s their job. If you know someone like this, might be a good time to step in and offer support.

Work/Life balance has just become that much more difficult.

You have emotional, financial and legal decisions to make. Where do you turn?  Lawyers, Financial Advisors and CARP are some great places to start.

The Sandwich Generation are a generation of caregivers but BEWARE of caregiver burnout. Take note

  1. You can only take care of your family member if you take care of yourself.
  2. Caregiving can be a complicated business; get guidance from professionals when you need it.
  3. Don’t isolate yourself; reach out to others and then accept their help.

I know nobody can care for your loved one like you do but you can’t do everything alone.

Make a plan. Whether it’s setting up a schedule, planning some time for yourself or gathering information. A plan will keep you focused on your family’s goals and your parent’s wishes. Sometimes with just a little help caregivers can learn to delegate effectively without the guilt.


Julie Gill

Host of We Need To Talk

Owner Families First Mediation



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