We Need To Talk About…Youth & Leadership

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On this week’s show we’re talking about Youth & Leadership with my guests:

Sajee Baskaran from Boys and Girls Club of Durham and,

Katie Zeppieri from Make Your Mark

Guess what? They may not be the lazy, entitled, technology addicted people that they are often portrayed in the movies…ok and sometimes in real life 🙂

We tell our children as they’re growing up that they can be successful and that they can be anything they want to be.

Yet, we often forget about the distractions our youth face in achieving that success. School, peer pressure, sex, drugs, alcohol to name a few.

We need to ensure that after years of preparing them to think independently, take responsibility and communicate their needs that we allow them to practice these skills. We need to give them a voice.

What we’re really talking about  is developing youth that have the desire and ability to create positive change.

With Youth we need to listen more than we talk. As young adults their jobs are to learn how to think for themselves and make decisions independently based on their needs, personalities and comfort levels. In truth we probably have the same goals yet, how our teens achieve these goals is likely NOT how we would approach it.

In reality it is often us that need to change the way we think and react to our young adults.

It’s time for us to empower our youth to take on responsibility and be accountable. The challenge for us will be to let them make mistakes and learn from them. We can’t expect perfection. All skills takes time to develop.

Let’s ensure that the youth of today are set for success now and in the future. Are you with me???

Julie Gill

Host of We Need To Talk on Rogers TV Durham

Owner of Families First Mediation and Separation Coach.com

Making difficult conversations a little easier.




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